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What is CranioSacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy addresses the craniosacral system. Parts of the system include: cerebrospinal fluid, the lining (the meningies) of the brain and spinal cord that contains cerebrospinal fluid, the bony attachments and the mechanisms that produce and reabsorb cerebrospinal fluid. The craniosacral system has a powerful influence over the nervous system as well as the endocrine and immune systems. There is a palpable subtle rhythmic pulsation that is a characteristic of the craniosacral system.

The Crainiosacral therapist searches for areas in the body that may be restricting the craniosacral system from functioning at its optimum. The therapist can access the craniosacral system by gently touching bones of the skull, the sacrum (large bone at the base of the spine) and other areas of the body.

A restriction in the craniosacral system may result in anything from headache to body aches that could be anywhere in the body. The central nervous system sends messages to the muscles and organs of the body. It is important that the muscles and organs get these unrestricted messages. There are few systems in the body that have as much influence on the central nervous system as the craniosacral system- having it healthy and fully functioning can make a world of difference in your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

What can I expect to gain?

The list of symptoms and conditions that CST has helped and or eliminated is very extensive. Many people discover CST after trying other therapies that did not work for them. I have personally experienced very positive shifts in my outlook on life, pain in my neck and hips, clenching my jaw, immune system, and digestive function. I have had clients report that the benefit of CST was more lasting and effective than their chiropractor (on low back pain).

What is a CST session like?

Craniosacral sessions usually last 60-90 minutes. The client lays on a comfortable table fully clothed usually supine (face up). The therapist places hands on the various parts of the body with very gentle pressure. Most people find the treatment so relaxing that it is easy to fall asleep. If you don’t fall asleep, you may notice tension release in the form of subtle pulsations or energetic waves. You may feel pains show up and disappear. You may feel heat in the area of restriction (that is also a sign there are changes happening), circulation increases and tension decreases.

The Outcome

How many sessions will it take to get rid of the symptoms? I cannot guarantee a cure nor be sure how many visits it would take to eliminate your symptoms.
After your session, you will most likely feel more relaxed and comfortable than you have in some time. Your symptoms may have completely disappeared or feel slightly or much better. It is common that over the next few days you will experience changes and continue to improve. You may feel euphoric and energized for days after a session. Breathing may be noticeably easier. It is possible you may feel a little tired. Sleep will most likely come easily the night of your session.

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