"Based on my experience working with Isaac, I can whole heartedly recommend him and his work. As a woman and a trauma survivor, I'm very selective about who I let close to me. Energy work is the closest one can get, and at no point did he ever betray my trust or make me feel uncomfortable... Isaac is humble, respectful, and listens to women. 10/10

The main effect that I noticed afterwards was a feeling of lightness. I had physically forgotten what it felt like to not carry the amount of weight I do, and it was a most welcome reminder to keep working on healing and letting go. It was almost as if sunshine had replaced a darkness that I had been carrying between my shoulders and at the back of my neck, without realizing I was doing so. There was space where before there was not, and it was beautiful. Go see Isaac, you deserve to lay your burdens down. We all deserve to heal " —L.A.

"Anna has a knack for finding all of the elusive tight spots in my body and releasing them deeply. I love her grounded, calm energy. I always leave feeling rejuvenated and restored"

                         —C. Madzik

“Anna is ... a persistent and compassionate expert at her craft who works collaboratively with me on my program of health maintenance and acute issue remediation."  —T. Kaperick

Last fall, Isaac gave me some healing via phone. We talked briefly and then we stayed in silence for a few minutes. He gave me some great visualizations to focus on, and taught me a helpful mudra. When he was sending energy my way I could distinctly feel it warming and protecting my heart. Over the next two days he continued with his works, and we concluded with a second phone check in. He told me that the effects of these changes would continue over the next half year. I have felt a lot of improvements in my life since working with Isaac. I accomplished many personal goals; I found a place to live, began to learn a new healing modality, met a wonderful new partner, and found a great new job. After working with Isaac, I have been able to cultivate a renewed commitment to self care. I am also able to focus more clearly and passionately on my longer term goals and the steps I will take to get there. Thank you Isaac for your kind, sincere, and effective assistance!

                                                                  —A. Meyers

"I cannot recommend Anna Miller for massage work enough. She has amazing strong intuitive hands. I always end up leaving feeling five years younger and pain free. Anna is both professional and kind. Go see her!"                —A. Barella