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"I have had craniosacral treatments (CST) from Anna several times now and I highly recommend her work in this field. I appreciate her deep intuition and empathy. I've been struggling recently with grief and physical pain in my back and shoulder. She has been successful in lowering my pain level and stress, as well as facilititating my grief in a gentle, supportive way. I have always left her office feeling peaceful and relaxed."

                            S. Hackathorn

"I went to see Anna when I tweaked my neck so bad I could hardly move it. She is kind, attentive, and well versed in her skills. She helped ease the pain in my neck and improved its range of motion. Her presense is soothing and her handiwork is effective. I even experienced other somatic benefits from my visit with her. I would recommend Anna Miller to anyone!

My thirteen year old gets migraines, so I brought her to Anna for help. Anna is great with kids, being a great mother herself. She was easy at making conversation with my child and helping her feel comfortable. In session, she discovered that my child had a lot of tension in her daughter has requested to return to Anna for more appointments. We still don't know the root cause of the migraines, but she hasn't gtten another one since we started seeing Anna."  --N. Medima

"Anna has a knack for finding all of the elusive tight spots in my body and releasing them deeply. I love her grounded, calm energy. I always leave feeling rejuvenated and restored"

                         —C. Madzik

"Super relaxing, very peaceful, comfortable and really welcoming. Now I can sleep more comfortably."

                               Meridian -age 13

                               Craniosacral client

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